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School Curriculum

Curriculum (K-4)

  • We are using the Logic of English reading curriculum to support students in reading fluency and comprehension. This curriculum is supported by current reading research that promotes reading growth using direct phonics-based instruction and hands-on learning.
  • We are supplementing our ELA time with the program Raz-Kids.This is an i-Pad based program that gives students access to books on their level and pushes students in their reading comprehension while tracking growth and progress.
  • We are using Bob Jones’ University Press for our math curriculum. This curriculum promotes critical thinking, hands-on learning, and conceptual understanding of mathematics to ensure that students understand the basics of mathematics and develop strong numeracy skills.
  • Math practice is being supplemented with the online learning program Zearn. This program allows students to receive individualized lessons and math games to fit their learning needs.
  • For science we are using a curriculum from Bob Jones’ University Press. This curriculum allows students to explore the world through the lens of God as creator and to uncover how intricately our universe was created.
  • We use supplementary material from Generation Genius so students can participate in hands-on experiments connected to the material we are learning.

Social Studies
  • For Social Studies we will be using the Bob Jones University Press. This program is designed to teach students about their community, country, and world.

  • Each day students will have a specific time to learn more about the Bible and what it means to follow Jesus. These lessons will use the Orange curriculum and be an extension on what we are learning in Pursuit Kids on Sundays.

Specialty Courses

During the week students have the opportunity to engage in four special courses. These classes are designed to broaden student learning by engaging in activities that are outside of their core subjects. Each week students have P.E., Book Club, Art, and DIY.

  • PE - PE gets students up and moving. They learn about how to be healthy and keep their bodies strong through play-based exercise.
  • Book Club - Book club is a time for engaging read-alouds. Students read novels together and participate in interactive activities that go along with the stories. In book club, stories come alive!
  • Art -  In Art students learn about the different mediums of creating: drawing, painting, crafts, etc. They are learning more about how to express themselves through art and different artistic techniques people use.
  • DIY - In DIY students get the opportunity to try out new skills! They learn anything from how to make butter and whipped cream to how to write and send Christmas cards. This class is designed to help students learn in a way that is hands-on and outside of their core subjects.