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Tuition and Fees

2024-2025 Annual Tuition

Tuition for all students is $6,000.00 per year. This does not include the curriculum / book, technology or enrollment fee per school year.  These fees are billed separately.

Parents can choose from one of three payment options:


  1. One Time Annual Payment (August 1st) 
  2. Bi-Annual Payment  (August 1st and January 1st)
  3. Monthly Payments  (10 equal installments)

  • If tuition is paid annually or bi-annually, you will receive a $500.00 discount for that year’s tuition. Monthly payments do not qualify for a tuition discount.
  • Families who choose the annual payment option must make the full payment of $5,500 on or before August 1st of the calendar year.
  • Families who choose the bi-annual payment option must make the half payment of $2,750 on or before August 1st of the calendar year. The second bi-annual payment of $2,750 is due on or before January 1st of the following calendar year.
  • Monthly payments of $600 will be due on the 1st of every month beginning August 1st and ending May 1st.
Enrollment & Application Fees (non-refundable)

Application Fee:  

  • There is a one-time application fee of $100 for all students, regardless of acceptance.

New Student Enrollment Fee:

  • Following acceptance, the enrollment fee for new students to Pursuit Prep is $400.00.

Returning Student Enrollment Fee:

  • $300 if paid before March 1st
  • $400 if paid between March 1st - May 31st
  • $450 if paid after June 1st

*Enrollment fees must be paid in full to complete enrollment.

Additional Fees:

  • The Book, Curriculum and Technology Fee is $300 and is due on or before August 1st. This fee helps cover the costs of curriculum, additional resources and iPad technology.

Admissions Application

How to Apply:

Thank you for your interest in Pursuit Prep.  The application for the 2024-25 school year is online and may be accessed in the link below.  Please do not hesitate to contact us by email if you have questions as you work through the application.


Online Application

To start your application, click here



If you're interested in applying for a scholarship here at Pursuit Prep, please Click Here