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Specialty Courses

During the week students have the opportunity to engage in four special courses. These classes are designed to broaden student learning by engaging in activities that are outside of their core subjects. Each week students have P.E., STEM, Art, and Music.

  • PE - PE gets students up and moving. They learn about how to be healthy and keep their bodies strong through play-based exercise.
  • STEM - In STEM students will participate in hands-on activities that teach them the design process and how to solve problems. They will learn how to build bridges, forces and motion, why God made boogers and how snowflakes are made. 
  • Art -  In Art students learn about the different mediums of creating: drawing, painting, crafts, etc. They are learning more about how to express themselves through art and different artistic techniques people use.
  • Music - In Music students will be learning about music around the world. They will learn about different cultures, what music means to them, the instruments they use and how they dance.